Building Captain Information

The Building Captain program is facilitated by TCC staff who are committed to ensuring a level of leadership is established during a fire emergency at any TCC building. Additionally, the Building Captain is responsible for reporting any potential building hazard to TCC Facilities and reporting any potential threat or suspicious activity to the TCC Police Department.

Building Captains have received CPR/AED certification training, understanding roles, and responsibility during a fire alarm from the Tallahassee Fire Department, and the purpose of an  Evacu-Trac evacuation chair to remove disabled persons downstairs. All Building Captains will be identified by wearing a red “Building Captain” vest that will be worn during any building evacuation or any significant emergency or incident.

The Building Captain program is administered by the TCC Police Department and the TCC Emergency Manager. For more information on Building Captains, log on to the TCC Intranet.