Parking Information

TCC Parking and Traffic Regulations

A copy of the TCC Parking and Traffic Regulations can be reviewed here: TCC Parking Handbook. All students, faculty, and staff are responsible for knowing and abiding by these rules and regulations. 

Quick Tips:

  • All parking at TCC is head-in only
  • TCC students are not allowed to park on Lively's campus
  • After 5:30 p.m., all lots are open for parking
  • There is no parking on grass, walkways, or loading zones

Printable Main Campus Map (Color)

Find more information about main campus and our other locations.


Parking on the grass, medians, or sidewalks is not allowed. Students must park only in designated parking spaces.

Bicycle racks are available near most buildings on campus.


In addition to the open student lots, guests are welcome to park in front of the Hinson Administration (AD) building for a maximum of two hours. Parking passes must be placed on the car's front dash. Passes can be obtained at the Information Desk in the AD lobby.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have access to the gated lots in front of the Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC), the Technology and Professional Programs (TPP) building, and the Intramural Fields. Gates can be accessed by swiping a TCC employee ID card or purchasing a gate clicker. To get an ID, contact TCCPD or visit the Center Building. 

Contact Us

Call the TCCPD at (850) 201-6100 if you have any questions about which parking areas are on the TCC main campus.