Parking Information


A copy of the TCC Parking and Traffic Regulations can be reviewed here: TCC Parking & Traffic Regulations Handbook. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty and staff to know and abide by these rules and regulations. ALL PARKING AT TCC IS HEAD-IN PARKING ONLY. 

Please call the TCCPD at (850) 201-6100 if you have any questions about which parking areas are on the TCC main campus.

After 5:30 p.m., all lots are open for parking. 

Find more information about main campus and our other locations.


Cars parked in a student parking lot on main campus at TCCParking at TCC is open and free in all student parking lots on main campus including the Parking Garage. All lots and the garage are handicap accessible. There are also special parking spaces for scooters and motorcycles. Parking is allowed in designated parking spaces only. There is no parking on grass, walkways or loading zones.


Bicycle racks are available near most buildings on campus.

Decal Information

Decals may be obtained from the TCC Police Department located in the Centre Building (CB) second floor or from the Cashier's Office located in the Student Union (SU) second floor. There is no cost to obtain a parking decal. The decal is not required; however, our department recommends you get one. The reason for this is if something happens to your vehicle it allows us another method to identify your vehicle and get in contact with you.

When you come to the police department you will need a picture ID and your vehicle registration. The decal will need to be placed on the back-right corner (passenger's side) of the window.


In addition to the open student lots, guests are welcome to park in front of the Hinson Administration (AD) building for a maximum of two hours. Parking passes must be placed on the dash of the car in these spaces. Passes can be obtained at the Information Desk in the AD lobby.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have access to the gated lots which are located in front of the Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC), in front of the Technology and Professional Programs (TPP) building, and near the Intramural Field. New faculty and staff may obtain access by contacting the TCC Police Department. Parking is allowed in designated parking spaces only.  No parking on grass, walkways or loading zones.

Lively Parking Areas

While Lively shares a common boundary with the TCC main campus, TCC students need to be aware that different rules apply on the two campuses.  Sometimes, during peak periods, TCC’s parking areas get crowded, and it can be tempting for TCC students to park in nearby parking areas on the Lively campus. Security personnel at Lively routinely check vehicles for required Lively parking decals and take action to deal with vehicles not bearing the required parking decal, including booting and towing. TCC students are reminded to park only on TCC property.