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Classroom are the most critical place for student learning. Improved spaces allow students to experience enhanced instruction, integrated technology, and improved academic performance. The TCC Foundation is helping to shape this campus and the lives of students.

Refreshment Services Pepsi & Vending Athletic Training Center

Thanks to generous donations from the TCC President’s Circle as well as Refreshment Services Pepsi and Vending, TCC’s student athletes now have access to a modern new training facility which allows them to work toward the prevention and treatment of injuries. The training facility is more than twice the size of its predecessor includes new equipment such as a customized taping station, a whirlpool table, a portable hivamat and a four-channel combo stim machine. “Now we have the appropriate space and resources to deliver more efficient, more effective services to our student athletes” noted Rob Chaney, TCC director of athletics.

Opened in Fall, 2017 and located just off the basketball courts inside the Bill Hebreock Eagledome, the facility is especially accessible to our basketball players, but is in fact, open to all TCC athletes, including those on the baseball, softball, cross country and track teams.


Barbara and Ted Judd Theatre Classroom

Barbara Judd is a long time support of Tallahassee Community College and the theater program in particular. So when the opportunity came along to help finance the renovation of a classroom used primarily to teach theater classes, Barbara generously donated to the project in she and her late husband Ted’s names. Today the Barbara and Ted Judd Theatre classroom is equipped with a stage, complete with a curtain, which allows theater students to better simulate the experience of performing in front of an audience.

This classroom renovation was part of the First Class Project, an effort to renovate 50 classrooms on campus, and was completed during the spring of 2019.


Studio Art Classrooms

TCC art students and faculty are thrilled with the newly renovated Studio Art Classrooms, updated for the first time in over twenty years and unveiled in the fall of 2019. “The rooms are now perfectly suited to what we do and the students are loving them. The students and faculty just love the spaces so much they never want to leave. I think that is probably the true test of a successful renovation” noted Art Professor Julie Baroody. Updates included new floors, displays on walls, lighting, ceiling, cabinetry and built-ins including sinks. As well as new tables and chairs, projectors, document cameras and projection screens. Made possible in part by a donation from the TCC President’s Circle, the Studio Art Classroom renovation was part of the First Class Project; an effort to renovate 50 classrooms on campus as part of the College’s 50th anniversary.


The Studio Art Classrooms are utilized to teach multiple courses that include skills such as: drawing, painting, screen printing, sculpture/3D design, 2D design, illustration, color theory, jewelry making, and watercolors.

Dr. Lei Wang STEM Center

profile of Dr. Lei Wang

Dr. Lei Wang, TCC's associate vice president for institutional effectiveness, donated an undisclosed amount to support renovation of TCC's STEM Center. The center, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, received a $100,000 renovation. Wang's donation will be matched by the TCC President's Circle, of which she is a member.

Dr. Wang chose to support the STEM Center in particular because STEM jobs are growing rapidly and offer important opportunities for the region and for TCC's students. Learn More about the Dr. Lei Wang STEM Center.

First Class Project


For a half a century, Tallahassee Community College has stood as a cornerstone for higher education in Florida's Big Bend as an ideal place to study and learn. The learning environment we provide our students defines their success at the next level, and we work to continually elevate that experience for the student of the 21st Century. But to do so, we need your help. Learn more about how you can leave a legacy by investing in the First Class Project .

Dental Hygiene Labs

Although graduation is always a special time and every class celebrates, those students who completed the dental hygiene and dental assisting programs in April and July of 2015 were unique. These young students were the first to graduate in TCC’s newly renovated dental hygiene laboratories.   Funded with $1.25M from the TCC Foundation, the focus of the renovation was to allow the department to offer updated lab experiences that matched what was being taught in the classroom. Computers were added to each work station so that students can work with electronic heath records and each dental chair was equipped with digital radiography software allowing students to read x-rays on computers.  “With this renovation funded by the TCC Foundation, we are able to offer our students an educational experience that matches what is expected of them as employees in the field. In short, they are better prepared, and for that we thank the Foundation” noted Ginny Wager, chair of TCC’s Dental Health Programs.


Pankowski Honors Lounge

Whether it is to get assistance with a sticky math problem, to work together on a history project, or just to find a quiet place to study between classes, the Pankowski Honors Lounge has become the place to be for TCC Honors students since the doors reopened just before the start of the fall semester. The lounge underwent extensive renovations recently funded by long time donors Mary and Joe Pankowski in collaboration with members of the TCC Foundation President’s Circle.

The choice to help fund this project has also had an influence on the donors that made it possible. “For us, it was important to partner with our President’s Circle members to enhance the TCC Honors Lounge to help attract and retain the best and brightest to TCC, commented Mary Pankowski. Furthermore, we hope our gift will inspire others who care deeply about the future of TCC to become a part of the TCC Capital Gift Campaign by making a donation to TCC and/or making TCC a part of their estate plan.”