Say Hello to Your Advisors

Tamares Cockfield photo

Tamares Cockfield

Career and Academic Advisor

Men of Color Collective

Tonya Hardaway photo

Tonya Hardaway

Career and Academic Advisor

Sheree Hope photo

Sheree Hope 

Career and Academic Advisor

Emily Micik photo

Emily Micik

Director, Academic Advising

ASPIRE Elite Advisor

Alysia Pringle photo

Alysia Pringle

Career and Academic Advisor

Transient Student Review

Teneil Threatts photo

Teneil Threatts 

Career and Academic Advisor


 Victor Carrasquilla photo

Victor Carrasquilla

Workday Business Analyst  

Kim English photo

Kim English

Career and Academic Advisor

Emily Fiore headshot 

Emily Fiore

Manager of Career Services

and Specialized Student Support

Tim Roberts photo

Tim Roberts 

Veterans Success Center Coordinator


Dr Kim Manning Headshot 

Dr. Kim Manning

TCC Online Advisor 


Ken Tellis Headshot

Ken Tellis

Associate Dean, Health Care Professions

 Bradley Ryan Headshot

Bradley Ryan

Career & Academic Advisor


Kirby Patterson

Career and Academic Advisor


Terrance Roulhac

Career & Academic Advisor


Advisor Catherine

Career and Academic Advisor 


Advisor Meredith

Career & Academic Advisor


Coming Soon...

Career and Academic Advisor


Additional Advisors and Contacts

If you are in the Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, or Paralegal Program at TCC:

Advisor: TCC Online Interim Director, Dr. Kim Manning 
Office is located in the Computer Technology (CT) Building 41, second floor, Room 227-B.
CT Building is across from the Learning Commons.
TCC Online Advisor
To schedule an appointment in Workday, go to TCC Advisor Connection.

If you are seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, or Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education at TCC:

Advisor: Associate Dean, Dr. Tricia Rizza

Office is located in Academic Affairs, the second floor of the Administration Building

Bachelor’s Degree Advisor

(850) 201-8045

If you are in the Business, Industry & Technology Program(s) at TCC:

Advisor: Associate Dean Jessica Jones

Business, Industry and Technology Division

Office is located in the Technology & Professional Programs (TPP) Building, room 233

If you have been “accepted” into a Healthcare Program at TCC:

Advisor: Associate Dean Dr. Ken Tellis
Office is located at the Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education.
Healthcare Professions

If you utilize our Student Accessibility Services:

Offices are located in TPP Building, Room 141

Call to Schedule an appointment (850) 201-8430:

Advisor: Abi Mustapha                                         


Advisor: Natasha Mitchell 

If you are an International Student (F1):

Ivonne Narvaez, Coordinator of International Student Services

Office is located in the Advising Center

If you are a Veteran and Affiliated (dependent):

Advisor: Tim Roberts, Veterans Success Center Coordinator  

Academic Advising assistance:

  1. The Advising Center, Student Union 2nd  Floor
  2. Registration Help Sessions
  3. Eagle Q

Monday-Thursday   8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

If you are in a Workforce Program (Advanced Manufacturing, Truck Driving-etc):

Contact Workforce Development by phone at (850) 201-8760 or by e-mail at

If you are in Florida Public Safety Institute (FPSI) for Fire, Corrections, or Law Enforcement:

Florida Public Safety Institute

Phone:(850) 201-7000

If you are a dual-enrolled high school student:

Dual Enrollment Program

Office is located in Admissions & Records, Student Union Building, second floor. Room 246


If you are a Non-degree seeking OR Transient student:

You do not have an assigned advisor.  The Office of Admission & Records handles transient requests and overrides for registration.

If you are a Janice Finney or Seminole Pathways student (Fall 2023):

You will receive an email with instructions.