Career Pathways

Career Pathways helps high school and technical school students get a head start on their college education. Convert your career and technical education courses and industry certifications to college credit at no additional cost. Programs vary by school and county.

At TCC, Career Pathways includes local and statewide articulation agreements based on course completion and/or industry credentials, and ensures a seamless academic transition from high school or technical school to college.

Visit the Florida Department of Education website for a complete list of statewide articulation agreements using industry certification.


  1. Complete your high school or technical center career program
  2. Receive certifications and credentials at graduation
  3. Enroll at TCC in the specified A.S. degree or certificate program
  4. Submit transcripts & credentials to Division of Technology and Professional Programs to receive college credit for your career courses
  5. Complete your degree or certificate program at Tallahassee Community College
  6. Enter a career in your field

Need more information? Contact BIT at (850) 201-8352 or email and ask about converting high school courses to college credit.