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Information for Faculty

There are many ways that faculty can collaborate with Learning Commons staff to ensure that their students have a successful semester. Our goal is to build strong and meaningful relationships with instructors and students by providing student-centered support and resources. We achieve this by offering services which are customized to each instructor's vision and need. Contact your LC department liaison if you have ideas, suggestions, or need more information.

Department Liaisons

Embedded Support

Would you like Learning Commons support in your classroom? Embedded academic support (tutoring or coaching) has increased student participation in the classroom while providing students with the opportunity to get personalized assistance. Embedded academic support is a collaborative effort between each instructor and a Learning Commons Specialist, tutor, or coach in order to increase students’ success.

Steps for Requesting Embedded Support

  1. Faculty submit the Embedded Request Form (below)
  2. Director and Program Coordinator will determine staff availability and make embedded assignment.
  3. Instructor and assigned Learning Commons staff member will discuss embedded expectations and experience.
  4. Embedded partnership agreement is completed by the Learning Commons and submitted to the Director.

Embedded Request Form

Embedded Partnership Agreement (LC Use)


Work With Us

Class Visits



Boot Camps

Class Visits

Class visits and orientations are a great way to introduce your students to the resources the Learning Commons offers. It is recommended that you book your class orientations and visits within the first few weeks of the semester. We are happy to follow up with another visits further into the semester as well.

Class visits can entail the overall services of the Learning Commons, or only focus on the sections that are relevant for your particular class, i.e., Math, Science, Success Coaching, English (writing, reading, grammar), or Technology.


Often, instructors invite their students to the Learning Commons for an orientation that is followed by a tour. This is a perfect way to let students know where we are located while getting to know the layout of our space. Most students like the openness of our floorplan while getting to know our friendly staff.

Students are more likely to ask for help with their courses if they are familiar with our space and our faces, and have a personal contact. Students will also be pleasantly surprised to find that not only do we have computers and printers available, but also have a fully stocked A&P Lab, the Honorlock Room for taking tests, and our Language Lab that helps with Spanish courses.


Each semester, our Learning Specialists, with the collaborative effort of faculty, and our Academic Success Coaches create and provide a plethora of workshops for students.

Our Math and Science specialists and tutors provide exam reviews for a variety of classes. Our Communication specialists offer workshops that support and review the materials currently taught in ENC1101 and ENC1102.

Success workshops are a great resource for students who could benefit from time management skills, want to overcome test anxiety, or would like to advance their college success skills.

Boot Camps

Each Fall and Spring semester, the Learning Commons hosts one-hour course introductions and assignment previews to common first-year classes. Boot Camps are a fantastic way to learn more about your classes before they begin.

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Syllabus Information

Add Learning Commons Information to Your Syllabus

The Learning Commons provides one-stop access to expanded learning assistance and resources. Services and resources are available both in person and virtually. Their hours are Monday to Thursday, 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, and Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. The Learning Commons is located at 444 Appleyard Drive, 32304, building number 30. No appointment needed!

Services include:

  • Tutoring in all levels of math, science, business applications or any course that has a math component
  • Tutoring in reading, writing, and English skills
  • Tutoring in Programming courses
  • Tutoring in Spanish courses
  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Technology assistance
  • Success Coaching
  • Honorlock testing room

To get services:

Department Liaisons

College Success (SLS)

Jessie Clayton
(850) 201-8267


Alicia Casey
(850) 201-7809

Flagler College

Shekitta Allen
850) 201-7813


Jerrie Del Vecchio
(850) 201-7847


Vera Mayes
(850) 201-8122


Chris McDonald
(850) 201-7805

Social Science

Katie Toole
(850) 201-6651

Success Coaching (All)

Jorlyse Dickens
(850) 201-7837


Jessie Clayton
(850) 201-8267

Transitional Studies

Shekitta Allen
850) 201-7813