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We are our Sister’s Keeper. Sister to Sister offers support through mentorship and empowerment for female students of Tallahassee Community College. Interested in joining the program? See our information below.

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Mentoring Program for Female Students of Color

Sister to Sister (S2S) program is a mentoring program for female students of color at Tallahassee Community College (TCC). The S2S program establishes a sisterhood or campus community that will provide programs designed to increase minority success, retention and completion through mentoring, leadership development, social development, academic support and career guidance. All members are expected to fully participate by attending scheduled S2S activities, meetings, civic engagement and community service opportunities. All S2S members will have the opportunity to apply for the S2S program scholarship. Although minority students are the primary focus of the Sister to Sister program, all female students are invited to join this sisterhood. This program aims to provide holistic support and will allow members to:

  • Achieve a sense of belonging;
  • Develop a sisterhood committed to goal setting and career building;
  • Develop character and scholar identity;
  • Support emotional, familial, social and intellectual development;
  • Facilitate career guidance, networking skills and goal setting;
  • Promote civic engagement and community service; and
  • Stimulate and retain the values for college success

Membership Requirements

To qualify for this program, you must:

  • Must be an enrolled female student at TCC;
  • Attend meetings/online conferences with mentor as scheduled;
  • Be committed to academic success and completion; and
  • Be committed to open and clear channels of communication with the mentor

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Faculty Advisor

For any student questions or concerns please contact the Faculty Advisor below.