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Eyrie: Literary and Art Magazine


The Eyrie is an award-winning magazine that showcases the creative endeavors of TCC students. The Eyrie (the nest of a bird of prey) was founded in 1981 by two students, Rachel Hayes and George Burton, who approached the TCC Director of the Division of Fine Arts, Dr. Samuel L. Cunningham, with their dream of publishing a magazine to recognize the creative efforts of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other college personnel.

The first volume was published in 1982, and with the motto of “quality, good taste, and creativity.” The magazine is published annually, produced by TCC students, and it is distributed free to all College personnel, and to students upon request.

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The magazine currently publishes the work of TCC students only. Those wishing to enter creative work for possible publication in the Eyrie should click here. As the Eyrie is a student publication, the content and design of the magazine is determined solely by students enrolled in JOU2440L, not the faculty advisor.

Students must be enrolled at TCC during the current and/or previous academic year when they submit their work to be considered for publication.

· Written and/or art work must be original and previously unpublished.

· Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art and photography are all welcome. We also encourage alternative, artistic formats such as lyrics, free-form writing, pastiche, mashups, etc.

· Students need not be English/creative writing, art or design majors.

· Submissions need not have been submitted for a class assignment.

Magazine Production Course

In addition to showcasing the creative endeavors of TCC students, the Eyrie also provides students enrolled in Literary Magazine Production (JOU2440L) with the experience of magazine production, from evaluation of materials to blue-line copy.

Students with a passion for art and creative writing and/or experience in proofreading and editing, as well as design (Adobe InDesign) are encouraged to register in JOU2440L (Literary Magazine Production). The class is offered during the spring semester, and students must have successfully completed ENC 1101 or have the permission of the instructor to enroll.

Upon completion of this course, students will have utilized the following skills, all of which hold significant job-market value:

· Project Management

· Written and verbal communication

· Collaboration

· Creative Thinking

· Event Planning

· Marketing

· Problem-Solving       


  • 2021 - Silver Medalist from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Critique
  • 2021 - Two second place (Nonfiction and Individual Artwork) and third place (artworks),  Florida College System Publications Association annual magazine competition:


Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University Gold Medalist Critique - 2019

Community College Humanities Association (CCHA)

2019 – Two second place (photography and art)

2018 – Third place, Southern Division             

2015 – Two first place (art work and essay) and third place (short story)                                

2014 – Second place, Southern Division, including nonfiction                                                         

2009 – Third place, Southern Division                 

2002 – Second place, National                        

2001 – Second place, Southern Division              

2000 – First place, National

Florida College System Publication Association (FCAA)

2019 – Three awards (one first-place, two third-place)                                                                                                                                        

2018 – Three awards (one first-place, two third-place)                                                                       

2017 – Six awards (four first-place, one second-place, one third-place in General Excellence)                 

2016 – Seven awards (three first-place) 2015 – Eight awards (four second-place, four third-place)       

2014 – Nine awards (two first-place, one second-place, six third-place)                                              

2013 – Four awards (one second-place and three third-place)


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For more information regarding the Eyrie or JOU2440L, please e-mail Nicolette Costantino at costantn@tcc.fl.edu