About Testing

The Testing Center is committed to providing excellent customer service to our students, faculty, and community, while ensuring the integrity of testing in a secure environment. Whether you're aiming to further your education, enter the workforce, or advance your present career, the Testing Center offers a broad array of services to meet your needs.

What is a Proctored Assessment?

A proctored assessment is an assessment which is taken under supervision. Certification sponsors, colleges and universities, have as a component, assessments which need to be proctored. This ensures fairness and an equitable measure of performance for students or certification candidates and mastery of the subject material without compromising assessment integrity.
Certification sponsors, colleges and universities should clearly indicate if you need proctored testing. If a student or candidate is unsure whether or not the certification or course requires proctored assessments, contact the instructor.

Proctored Testing

Tallahassee Community College provides proctored services to our local area of Leon, Gadsden or Wakulla Counties. Certification and educational course proctoring is done on the Main Campus Testing Center. Many colleges and universities require a proctor to administer assessments for their institution. Tallahassee Community College's Testing Center can fulfill that requirement. There is a fee of $25 per course incurred on proctored services, also students are responsible for return postage for completed assessments if applicable. Students need to make sure they can take their assessments during the Testing Center's scheduled hours.

Note: It is imperative that students from other institutions wishing to use the Testing Center as a proctor site  set up their proctor arrangements within the first two weeks of the course(s) start date(s). The Testing Center cannot make last-minute proctor arrangements.

Proctoring Assessments

Proctors are individuals who are responsible for supervising you as you take an exam. Proctors are needed to ensure assessment integrity while the student or candidate is taking the assessment. Examples of acceptable proctors are:

  • College testing center personnel
  • Military Education Officer
  • Librarian
  • Private Testing Service Business; For example: Sylvan Learning Center

Relatives, friends, or co-workers are NOT eligible to proctor assessments. If you have questions about proctor arrangements, call (850) 201-8282.