the exterior entrance of the learning commonsThe Office of Academic Affairs and the Human Resources Department jointly oversee the search and hire process for faculty members.

Tallahassee Community College is the "Employer of Choice." Since 1966 Tallahassee Community College (TCC) has offered instruction of the highest quality, post-secondary education to the citizens of Leon, Wakulla, and Gadsden counties (the primary service area), as well as to students from throughout the state, nation, and abroad. With excellent academic support online and in classroom facilities, TCC offers a variety of instructional methods to promote student success.

TCC's diverse employee population includes:
  • 187 full-time
  • over 500 part-time faculty
  • 395 dedicated staff members
  • nearly 200 contract and grant employees

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty are expected to:
  • Demonstrate commitment to student retention and success.
  • Teach two semester contract (fall and spring) with the opportunity to teach extra classes during the summer.
  • ​Support and engage students outside of the classroom.​​
  • Devote 30 hours per semester to academic advising.
  • Develop and revise curriculum for enhancement and expansion of academic programs.​
  • Provide leadership for student clubs, academic activities, college committees, and community programs.
  • Participate in the development, assessment, and improvement of learning outcomes for courses and programs. 

Faculty Leadership & Development: Innovation and Excellence

The following are just examples of some of TCC's current initiatives.

TCC Online

  • TCC Online offers a seminar program that orients and integrates new faculty into campus and community life. During the first two years, new faculty can participate in information-sharing and professional growth activities related to the campus and surrounding communities.
  • TCC Online helps to ensure that distance learning students receive the same quality of instruction and support from faculty and staff as students on campus. Training and assistance is available to faculty through web-based, web-assisted and hybrid courses. You can get support with instructional software, multimedia development, Blackboard via tutorials and more.
  • TCC faculty will:
    • engage in growing the online program,
    • assist in defining, assessing, and revising student learning outcomes,
    • facilitate planning and budgeting process, and
    • expand and improve support systems for students

Center for Professional Excellence

The College provides all employees with workshops and events, leadership programs, health and wellness programs and resources through the Center for Professional Enrichment. These experiences are designed to empower employees to actively pursue additional career and personal development opportunities.

CPE provides:

  • Leadership TCC and Advanced Leadership TCC programs
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Teaching Resources and policies
  • Teaching programs and training 

Professional Development

For full-time employees, the College provides professional development opportunities including:

  • Tuition-free classes at the College (up to six hours per semester)
  • Tuition reimbursement (outside the College only)
  • Workforce Development Seminars
  • Association of Florida Colleges 

Student Programs

Since 1966, Tallahassee Community College has offered high-quality post-secondary education for the citizens of Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla counties, along with students from throughout the state, nation and abroad. TCC's Fall 2012 credit student enrollment totaled more than 14,000, of which nearly 45 percent are minorities and more than 50% attend part-time.

TCC offers students the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. More than 25 professional areas of study lead to the Associate in Sciences (A.S.) degrees or certificates for work in technical and professional fields. The College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) and other educational opportunities, including college developmental studies, adult education, and continuing workforce education. 

TCC offers numerous​ opportunities for its students, including:


Workforce Stability

Tallahassee Community College (TCC) is a high performing institution with a reputation for workforce stability. TCC enjoys a workforce where 69% of the faculty and staff have been with the College for five (5) years or more.

Excellent Benefits and Wellness Options

TCC provides a competitive benefit package. TCC also offers an Employee Wellness program that provides health assessments, free access to a faculty and staff-only gym, as well as other activities (i.e. yoga, self-defense, and CPR training).

Invests in the Learning and Development of its Team

TCC provides opportunities for professional development through tuition reimbursement, waivers, and the College’s Center for Professional Enrichment and TCC Online for Faculty.

Recognizes and Rewards Faculty and Staff Well

TCC hosts a variety of recognition programs throughout the year to recognize faculty and staff achievements. TCC also hosts an annual program that recognizes years of service, new faculty and staff, and any other faculty and staff accomplishments. ​ 

Tallahassee is a Great Place to Live and Work

As Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee is home to beautiful canopy roads, historic locations, the Gulf of Mexico (within playing distance), hiking and biking trails, and more. Add to it diverse cultural events including FSU's Seven Days of Opening Nights, the African Caribbean Dance Theatre's Annual Florida African Dance Festival, the North Florida Hispanic Association's Hispanic Festival and the Gadsden County Latino Fest. Tallahassee is an ideal place to live and learn.

TCC... Worth Bragging About

Two girls smile at group discussion in honors loungeThe wonderful faculty, staff, and students at TCC play an integral part in making the institution one worth bragging about. TCC prides itself on being the "College of Choice" for students, employees, and the community. Here are just a few reasons why.


You can also learn more about TCC's Academic Programs​ here


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Our Core Values

These are the five fundamental competencies that we value in our employees. Below each competency are examples of how successful faculty members demonstrate their commitment to these values.

  1. Commitment
  2. Collaboration
  3. Creativity
  4. Integrity
  5. Results


Commitment – We take an active approach and commit to helping students follow the path that will lead them to their goals.

  • Showing an ability to relate to and instruct a diverse student population with varying academic preparation and learning readiness
  • Implementing a variety of academic resources using supplemental learning materials and resources, including support services and academic learning centers
  • Encouraging students to participate in campus organizations, activities, events, and other enrichment opportunities
  • Providing diverse educational experiences focused on the development of important skills such as flexibility, critical thinking, and the ability to work in teams


Collaboration – We work together to realize common goals by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.

  • Collaborating with colleagues to enhance the teaching and learning environment
  • Working with student services, student activities, academic support services, or other college areas
  • Serving on departmental, division, and college-wide committees
  • Partnering with teaching faculty at secondary and university levels
  • Engaging with community civic, educational and workforce leaders, organizations and businesses
  • Fostering student relationships that have a positive and lasting impact on TCC's diverse student population.


Creativity – We foster an environment that nurtures innovation and creativity in educational programs, instructional methods, and services.

  • Exploring and implementing innovative instructional practices
  • Integrating effective technologies in the learning environment
  • Using alternative delivery methods
  • Creating learning environments that foster creativity and innovation


Integrity – We are fair and consistent in our actions, values methods, measures, principles, and expectations.  We hold ourselves to the highest honesty standards on behalf of students, faculty the District Board of Trustees and the public.

  • Communicating high expectations
  • Providing frequent and timely feedback
  • Abiding by the policies and procedures of the college


Results – We believe in the power of education and we strive to continuously improve our practices and services to maintain our leading institution status and to better serve our community.

  • Articulating outcomes for courses and implementing teaching/learning activities that produce those outcomes
  • Using varying methods of instruction to meet diverse student learning needs
  • Aligning assessments with learning outcomes
  • Using formative assessment as well as summative assessment measures
  • Employing multiple types of assessments appropriate to the discipline and level 



What to expect after you apply


Flow chart of TCC hiring process - Application submitted. Hiring authority reviews and checks references. Successful and unsuccessful applicants are contacted.

The above diagram demonstrates the general flow of the application process and may not be applicable to all vacancies, such as faculty or hard to fill positions.